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1. race map

Transylvania 80k
​   The Bucegi Mountain range - rising spectacularly from the Prahova Valley in the east, and the Bran Valley in the west - is the stage for the Transylvania 100 races.
   Our maps are produced by the excellent Romanian mapping specialists Muntii Nostri - their detailed and informative maps will be posted on the event page. All runners will be issued with a full-colour race map, along with descriptions of the various permanent trail markings to be followed along the route. In sections traversed at night, luminous markers will be used, along with glowsticks to define the route across open ground.  
   A written description of the route will also be provided, plus a GPS download of each route.






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Harta 80k 2024.jpg
Transylvania 80k race route map and elevation profile - Bucegi Mountains

Category: very difficult ultra-marathon
Distance: 82 kilometres
Elevation gain: 4910 metres
Start: 05:00 am, May 25th 2024 (Bran Castle)
Time limit: 25 hours
Fastest/ slowest time: 11h45/ 26h52
Entry limit: 300 competitors
Check points: 9


Vf. Omu
Piatra Arsa
Saua Strunga
Moieciu de Sus
Poiana Gutanu

Inter distance
12.9 km
4.3 km
5.0 km
5.0 km
6.1 km
8.8 km
8.1 km
12.3 km
7.8 km
12.2 km

Cumul distance
12.9 km
17.2 km
22.2 km
27.2 km
33.3 km
42.1 km
50.2 km
62.5 km
70.3 km
82.5 km

1720 m
2505 m
2160 m
1600 m
1950 m
1460 m
1904 m
970 m
1600 m
750 m



Time limit

T1 - food/ drinks
T4 - food/ drinks
T5 - food/ drinks
T6 - food/ drinks
T8 - food/ drinks
T9 - food/ drinks
T10 - food/drinks
2. elevation profile
3. race details
   General description:
     The 80 km route belongs to the category of self-sufficient races, the relief being particularly difficult, with steep ascents and descents on all types of road and paths and having a difference in level of over 4910 m. The race, in short, follows the route of below:
     Bran Castle (departure) - Poarta village (2 km of asphalt to the Opris Bridge) - Saua Tiganesti (via Clincea, marking with red tape) - Cabana Malaiesti (marking with yellow tape) - Hornurile Malaiesti (marking with blue tape ) - Omu Peak - Refugiul Batrana (red tape marking) - Salvamont Cavera (red triangle marking) - Babele (blue cross tape marking) - Piatra Arsa Cabin (yellow tape marking) - Valea Soarelui Cabin (Yellow tape marking + path unmarked, clear + red tape marking) - Bolboci Cabin (yellow cross marking) – Plaiul lui Mircea (red triangle marking) – Saua Strungulita (yellow dot marking) – Saua Strunga (red tape marking) - Valea Băngăleasa Barrier (red cross marking) - Moieciu de Sus (clear, unmarked path on Malul Laichii) - Poiana Guțanu (unmarked, clear path + marking with red tape) - Poiana Gaura (marking with blue triangle) - Valea Poarta (marking with red cross) - Bran Castle (on Muchia Grajdului, unmarked, clear path).
   Detailed description:
     The 80 km race starts from the courtyard of Bran Castle and after 2 km of asphalt through the village of Poarta, at the Opris Bridge, it turns left and follows a steep country road until the edge of the forest. From here, there is a gentle climb to the base of the route to Saua Tiganesti, through Clincea. With the marking with the red tape, a sustained climb through the forest and then through the alpine gap begins, until the Tiganesti refuge (2195 m), about 5 km, with a difference in level of 1100 m. From the Tiganesti refuge, the route leaves the marking with the red tape and go down to the left towards the Malaiesti Cabin on the yellow tape marking, via Lacul Tiganesti and Padina Crucii - approximately 3.5 km, with a descent of 500m. From the Malaiesti cabin check point (1720 m) the route continues with a steep ascent on a stone path and in places grassy, ​​through the Malaiesti Valley - approximately 2 km, with an altitude gain of over 600 m, marked with a blue tape - ending at the exit from Hornurile Malaiesti (2378 m). From the exit from Hornurile Malaiesti, there is an easy climb through the alpine gap to the Omu Peak control point (2505 m), the highest point of the route. From here to the Batrana refuge, there is a very good stretch of running, about 5 km through the alpine gap, also passing through the jnepenis (marked with red tape). From the Batrana refuge it descends quite steeply - 5 km with a difference in level of 600m - to Salvamont Pestera through Valea Doamnele, marked with red triangle. At the control point at Salvamont Pestera, competitors can revitalize themselves with a hot soup. Also here the 50 km and 80 km/100 km races separate, the 80 km/100 km climbing steeply to Babele (2206 m) - approximately 2.5 km, difference in level 600 m, marked with blue cross. Once they arrive at Babele, the competitors will descend through the alpine gap to the Piatra Arsă Cabin check point (1905 m), from where there is a 10 km gradual descent section, very good for running, towards the Bolboci Cabin (1460 m), through the gap alpine as well as through the forest. This section briefly follows the yellow tape marking towards Miorița cabin - approx. 400 m, after which it turns right on an unmarked, clear path through the juniper and emerges into the alpine hollow, following the contour to the old Schill funicular, where it turns right on a steep grassy descent, which ends in - a stream from Valea Izvorul Dorului. From here, follow the route marked with red tape, along the stream, to the Valea Soarelui Cabin, where it turns right on the route marked with yellow cross, to the Bolboci cabin. At this checkpoint runners will be rewarded with a portion of pasta, in addition to the other snacks and drinks. When leaving Bolboci, the route turns left and after 500 m on a forest road, there is a 1.5 km climb to the cross on Plaiul lui Mircea. From here it turns to the right, following the route from the summit, towards Strungulita, marked with yellow dot. After reaching Strungulita, the route turns right, on the path to Saua Strunga, marked with a red tape. After passing through Șaua Strunga, the route continues on the red cross marker, on Piciorul Boulu and Bangaleasa Valley. From here continue to the barrier and go up to the left, passing through several gardens until you reach the asphalt, where the route turns right and after 100 m you reach the Moieciu de Sus School, where there is also the checkpoint with pasta, soup, snacks and drinks. At the exit of the check point turn left on the tarmac for 250 m and then left again over a wooden footbridge, from where a steep climb begins on an unmarked, clear path that takes about 15 - 20 minutes to reach the forest. An easy ascent follows, during which you meet the red tape marking that leads to Poiana Guțanu. At Cabana de Vânătoare, the path turns left towards Poiana Gaura, on the blue triangle marking. From here the route follows a gradual descent until the finish, except for the short climbs to Saua Polițe and Muchia Grajdului. Thus, the route will follow the red cross marking through the forest (7 km) and a section of forest road. From here, for the last 4.5 km, to avoid the traffic on Valea Poarta, the race continues, turning left and going up a path from Muchia Grajdului, where you reach the Sports Hall. The last 200 m are parallel to DN 73, the arrival being in the courtyard of the Bran Castle with the entrance to the right through the Bran Customs.
     - first ascent: Bran Castle (750 m) - Saua Tiganesti (2195 m), 10 km with an altitude gain of 1450 m;
     - the steep descent from Padina Crucii to the Malaiesti cabin;
     - the ascent of the last 350 m from Hornurile Malaiesti;
     - the descent from the Batrana refuge to Salvamont Pestera;
     - Pestera - Babele steep ascent;
     - the sections of the route covered at night: Bolboci Cabin – finish line (Castelul Bran);
     - the long descents that follow the ascents are very difficult for the muscles and joints.
     - Malaiesti Cabin (km 13) - food, fruit, water, energy drinks;
     - Vârful Omu cabin (km 17) - control;
     - Refugiul Batrâna (km 22) - control;
     - Salvamont Peștera (km 27) - soup, food, fruit, water, energy drinks;
     - Cabana Piatra Arsă (km 33) - snacks, fruits, drinks;
     - Bolboci cabin (km 42) - pizza, food, fruit, water, energy drinks, drop bag;
     - Strunga Refuge (km 50) – control, first aid point;
     - Moieciu de Sus (km 61) - pizza, soup, food, fruit, water, energy drinks;
     - Poiana Guțanu (km 69) - food, fruit, water, energy drinks.
5. race description
4. time charts
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