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     16.03.2020 - With great regret, we must inform you that due to the current situation regarding the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic, the seventh edition of the Transylvania 100 races will be postponed to September 19, 2020.
     Today, March 16, the Romanian Government has declared a state of emergency and also took a series of measures that include restrictions on the staging of events, as well as isolation of people for a period of 14 days coming from countries with at least 500 cases of coronavirus.
     These measures and uncertainties related to the evolution of the Covid-19 pandemic make it impossible to organize the Transylvania 100 competition, on the initially planned date of May 16, 2020. As you can imagine, we have monitored the situation 24/7 since the outbreak in Europe, hoping that the contest will be possible in its initial form.
     Despite applying we have not received the Public Health Directorate approval and the restrictions taken by the Romanian Government as well as those at the global level are becoming more drastic with each passing day.
     As race organizers, we have a duty to protect the health and well-being of our competitors, as well as a need to respect the well-being of local residents.
     We hope you understand that Transylvania 100 is an event attended by competitors from over 50 countries around the world, so another reason for announcing a postponement two months in advance of race day is to give competitors a fair chance to rearrange their reservations and hotel accommodations where possible.
     Going forward, we can offer competitors one of the following three options:
     1. Keeping the registration for the postponed event on September 19, 2020. No cost.
     2. The deferral of this year's registration to next year's edition on May 29, 2021 (decision deadline of May 16, 2020). No cost.
     3. Refund of 70% of the original entry contribution (decision deadline of May 16, 2020).
     The procedure for deferring or refunding the registration will be sent by email to each of the participants as soon as possible.
     Finally, we are truly sorry that we have to postpone the date of the race, but we hope you realize that we had no choice. Also, we apologize for the competitions over which we will overlap.
     Thank you for understanding all those involved in the Transylvania 100 event on this difficult decision. This is a serious public health problem globally and we believe that the decisions taken guarantee greater safety.
     07.03.2020 - ref: Coronavirus.  The Transylvania 100 Organising Team is closely monitoring the situation, but at this stage all events are scheduled to go ahead as planned. Of course, we realise this is an ever-changing situation, so in the meantime we would urge competitors to check their travel insurance policy, and also to regularly monitor their own country's official travel advice. In the event of any change by us to the current schedule, we will, of course, inform all competitors directly via email.
     01.03.2020 - Great news from our partners SportHG, we have managed to extend the technical t-shirt deadline until March 10th 2020, so if you haven't registered yet on our website you can still register and receive your t-shirt in the participation kit. 10 days left so don't miss it again!
     29.02.2020 - LATEST NEWS - in the last couple of days we have received a lot of requests about our entry limits so we have decided to open a few more places in each race distance, so everybody can get the chance to take part in our Transylvanian races, but be quick because they are going at record speed this year!
     12.02.2020 - 3 months to go until race weekend and it seems that once again we'll have a fully booked edition, nearly 90% of the places are now booked.
     30.01.2020 - Three months and a half left until race weekend and soon we'll reach this year's edition entry limits, only 300 places left for all the five races with the 100k and 50k nearly fully booked. Also keep in mind, if you want to receive the technical SportHG t-shirt in your start kit you have one month left to register!
     04.01.2020 - 4 months left into open registrations and 70% of the seventh edition places are already booked! Also keep in mind, if you want to receive the technical SportHG t-shirt in your start kit you have to register before March 1st, so save the date!
     10.12.2019 - Over 50% of the places are now booked for the 7th edition of the Transylvania 100 races.
     03.11.2019 - Only two months into registrations and 40% of the places are already booked for the next year's edition of our mountain races.
     01.09.2019 - Entries for the seventh edition of the Transylvania 100 races, on May 16th 2020, are now live! Sign up now to book your starting place in one of our five race distances – 20k, 30k, 50k, 80k and 100k. 
     20.08.2019 - Our 2020 routes have been approved by the International Trail Running Association (ITRA) you can check it at the following link.
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