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01.10.2023The wait is finally over, entries for our 9th edition are now live! Five races along the spectacular high-level trails of Transylvania, one of the most beautiful and mysterious regions of eastern Europe. Starting and finishing in the shadow of Dracula's Castle - Bran, the races visit mountain cabin checkpoints and include some of the highest peaks and best trails the famous Bucegi Range has to offer.

01.10.2023 - The clock is ticking! Entries for our 9th edition will open tonight at 24:00 (local time - GMT+2). Stay close and book your place for a memorable race! Last year we've welcomed over 50 nationalities so we were wondering, where will you be coming from next year?

21.09.2023Only ten days to go until entries open for the 2024 edition of our Transylvania 100 races! The entry system goes live on October 1st.
All our races will start on May 25th 2024 from Bran Castle – 20k trail, 30k skyrace, and 50/ 80/ 100k ultras.
And for our running friends all over Europe, we’ve got some great news! The long-awaited new Brasov-Ghimbav Airport is now OPEN.
Only 25km from Bran, it’s a short taxi ride away (approx. 20 euros fare), so you don’t have to fly into Bucharest or Sibiu and rent a car, take a train etc. Of course you can still fly via Bucharest, Sibiu and Cluj, or take a train to Brasov.

02.05.2023Haven't you made plans for the last weekend of May yet? We have great news for you, we have extended the registration period until May 18th. So we are looking forward to welcoming you at Bran Castle along competitors from over 40 countries on May 27th!

08.04.2023 - Haven't booked your place yet? There are only 150 places left with the SportHG technical t-shirt included in the participation kit!

03.04.2023 - We all love the good news, so we have another one for you. There will be a limited number of entries that will still receive the technical t-shirt in their participation kit although the deadline is gone, depending on the available stock. Be quick and grab this cool t-shirt from our sponsor SportHG!
28.03.2023 - Nu rata ultimele zile de inscrieri cu tricoul tehnic de la SportHG asigurat in kit-ul tau de participare! Inscrie-te pana la data de 1 aprilie si te vei bucura de noul tricou in curand. Te asteptam in data de 27 mai la Castelul Bran alaturi de concurenti din intreaga lume!
17.03.2023 - Nearly 1000 runners from over 40 countries are already registered for our 8th edition, on May 27th! This year you got the choice of 5 race distances, from the 20k trail race to our 100k queen race. Book your place and meet us at the start line at Bran Castle!

     27.02.2022 - There are only three days left until our deadline to get your entry to this year's Transylvania 100 races. If you are among those who have transferred their place to 2022, please check if your surname appears in the list of registrants on the website. If you are NOT in the list, you will need to confirm your place by email to
     If you are on the list, it means your place is confirmed for this year’s edition, on May 28th 2022.
     Also, for new entrants, March 1st is the deadline for the technical shirt from SportHG, provided in the participation kit. So if you want one, don't miss the deadline!
     Right now, preparations are in full swing for the 2022 edition, and after a long break, we look forward to welcoming you all to Bran Castle soon!
     26.01.2022 - GOOD NEWS everyone! If you haven't entered yet, we just opened up some extra places in all our races to allow new competitors and deferred places to guarantee their slot.
     Until now, the 30k, 50k and 100k races were full - so be quick if you want one of these newly-released places.
     If you have a deferred entry from previous years, please first check the entry list to see if your name appears; if it doesn't, you need to email us at
     We look forward to seeing all of you in Bran in May!

     30.09.2021 - THE WAITING is finally OVER! We're happy and proud to announce entries for the 2022 edition of the Transylvania 100 races will be open tomorrow - October 1st at 6 a.m.
     Of course, if you opted for a deferral (from ‘20 or ‘21) please check our entry list on the website to see if your entry is already confirmed, otherwise please fill in another entry form (without payment of course) and we'll confirm it for you. If you’re a new entrant - welcome! - there are places available in all 5 race distances.
     Meanwhile, we look forward to seeing all our mountain-running friends from around the world next May at Bran Castle. Until then, happy trails and great training!
     27.03.2021 - It is with heavy hearts that we write to inform you of the cancellation of the 2021 edition of the Transylvania 100 races.
     Like us, we’re sure you never imagined that 12 months after the first lockdowns due to Covid-19, we would be facing a similar situation in Spring 2021.
     However, the growing threat of a third wave of infections across Europe has become a stark reality in the past week, and as race organisers, we are aware of our responsibilities to you, to our volunteers, and to the people of Transylvania.
     In the past 30 days, the incidence of Covid-19 infections in the Brasov District has doubled and the wave peak is expected to be in mid-May. In addition, it’s widely acknowledged that travel – not just internationally, but regionally too – is one of the major causes of virus spread.
     After much consideration, and an ongoing discussion with the local and central authorities, with health professionals, we could not say for sure that our event – despite the health protocols outlined in our recent competitor email - wouldn’t risk further spread of the virus and possible variants, and, like in 2020, this was not a risk we could consider taking.
     We’re truly sorry to be announcing this cancellation, and we hope you can understand that we had little choice with new quarantine, more restrictions in sight and without a legal framework – it is, quite simply, the right and only course of action in the circumstances.
     We have decided that the next edition of our races will be scheduled for May 28th - 2022, and all places confirmed for this year’s edition will be deferred until then – you do not need to contact us, your place is secure.
     If, instead, you’d prefer to compete in 2023 or 2024, we will hold your place until then – just email to and let us know. If you’d prefer a refund, please see our policy on the website. The new decision deadline will be March 1st 2022, so you don’t need to worry, there’s plenty of time to decide.
     Finally, we thank you for your patience during this long, difficult period for everyone. We sincerely hope to see you all again on the start-line in Bran in 2022, in better times for all.

     14.03.2021 - All competitors have been sent our latest email update - please check your inbox.
     It outlines our planned health protocols, and also our very close monitoring of the Covid-19 situation in Bran and the surrounding areas.
     As explained in the email, if a postponement is deemed necessary, we commit to making this decision no later than March 31st. In the meantime, we wish you good training and good health. Stay safe everyone!

     01.03.2021 - Don't miss our cool race t-shirt in your participation kit, today is the last day you can confirm your place on our website and receive a SportHG technical shirt!
     Also, if you would like to defer your entry for one of our future editions of 2022 or 2023, or apply for a refund as in our Race Rules on the website, the deadline is today, until midnight! For instructions please check our previous newsletters from
     We are looking forward to welcoming you all soon at Bran Castle!

     22.02.2021 - Only 1 week left to enter and receive one of our cool t-shirts in your starter pack! Our t-shirt order goes to SportHG on March 1st, so be quick!

     10.02.2021 - Don't miss our fantastic race t-shirts this May, you have 3 weeks left to enter and receive one in your starter pack! Our t-shirt order goes to SportHG on March 1st, so be quick!
     PS - if you deferred your entry to this year's edition but you can't find yourself on the start list, please follow the instructions from our previous newsletters to confirm your place.

     22.01.2021 - JUST four months until race weekend, and we're now 70% full! Remember, if you're a new entry and you want to be sure of a
SportHG technical t-shirt in your start-kit, you must enter by March 1st!
     If you deferred your entry from last year, please check the entry list on our website - if you don't find your name, please follow the instructions in our previous email newsletters.
     We look forward to welcoming you all soon at Bran Castle, ready for another Transylvanian adventure!

     31.12.2020 - Firstly, we would like to thank you all for your support through these strange times we have seen this year and we would like to wish you a happy new year, anywhere you are in the world right now, a year full of new goals and accomplishments!
     We are looking forward to seeing you soon at Bran Castle, next May, at the seventh edition of our races!

     30.10.2020 - This year was a difficult one for all of us, a year in which we had to adapt to new living conditions, and sometimes even give up the things that brought us pleasure, such as participating in the much-loved trail running competitions.
     We hope that things will go better next year, that we can fully enjoy what we love to do and see ourselves healthy and happy again at Bran Castle.
     At the end of this week, on Sunday, November 1st, we will reopen the registrations for the seventh edition of our races that will take place on May 29th, 2021.
     Also, tomorrow we will send to all our competitors who were registered this year the re-registration procedure by email as well as the procedure for keeping the registration for future editions.
     Looking forward to seeing you to a new edition and wish you happy trails during this long period, stay safe and healthy!

     06.08.2020 - We worked, we planned, we monitored the situation closely and last but not least we hoped, just like all our competitors, that this year's edition of the Transylvania 100 races would be possible.
     Unfortunately, following the ascending trend of Covid-19 cases in Romania during the past 10 days, and following our latest consultations with the authorities and the public health departments, with great regret we have to inform you that we have to cancel this year's edition.
     Looking back at the beginning of June, the situation regarding the pandemic seemed encouraging - the number of daily new cases at national level was around 100. Today, their number has multiplied considerably, reaching over 1300 - with the Brasov region being among the most affected counties in the country.
     Also, the large number of new infections, as well as the increasing number of deaths, has brought Romania into the Red zone for many European countries. Today, there are numerous travel bans and restrictions to and from Romania, and these look likely to increase further.
     As we’re sure you understand, this situation is unprecedented worldwide, and it’s becoming apparent that we now have to do everything we can to fight this pandemic.
     In all honesty, we could not say that going ahead with the race would not cause an increased risk of infection among competitors, supporters, volunteers and, of course, among the local population in our race area. As we hope you agree, this would have been an unacceptable risk. More than anything, we need solidarity and prudence in these times.
     Our team has decided that the remaining registrations confirmed for September, or those who deferred their place, will be valid for any edition of our races in 2021, 2022 and 2023. Alternatively, those who want to apply for a 70% refund, please send an email to and we will try to process all the requests as soon as possible.
     It was a difficult year for both us and you, a year in which we had to give up participating in our favorite mountain running races, a year in which we had to cancel our travel plans, but we hope that next year we will be able to enjoy these things without restrictions.
     Until next time, Transylvania 100 team wishes you happy trail running, peace of mind and - the most important - good health for you and your loved ones.

     15.06.2020 - Today is the last day you can choose one of the following three options by email to
          1. Keep the registration for the postponed event on September 19, 2020. No cost.
          2. The deferral of this year's registration to next year's edition on May 29, 2021. No cost.
          3. Refund of 70% of the original entry contribution.
     Please email us to express your choice. If you have already emailed us, you do not need to send another email. In case we do not receive any email from you until midnight, we will assume you will compete in the race on September 19th.

     15.06.2020 - Good news from our technical partners from Spain - SportHG - we've extended again the deadline for the race compression t-shirts to July 10th. So if you would like to receive a cool t-shirt in your participation kit make sure you register on our website till the deadline. Save the date!

     11.06.2020 - You have just 5 days until the deadline for transfer or refund from our May event! Please let us know by email to if you want to:
          1. Keep the registration for the postponed event on September 19, 2020. No cost.
          2. The deferral of this year's registration to next year's edition on May 29, 2021. No cost.
          3. Refund of 70% of the original entry contribution.
     The deadline for a decision is June 15th! Looking forward to seeing you soon at the Bran Castle!

     24.04.2020 - Firstly, we hope this email finds you, your family, and friends in good health.
     Like us, we're sure that you're very concerned about the effect of the Covid-19 virus on all aspects of daily life - including, of course, our participation in the mountain running events we love.
     You'll already know that the original 2020 event on May 16th is postponed until September 19th. After this announcement, we gave competitors three options:
          1. Keeping the registration for the postponed event on September 19, 2020. No cost.
          2. The deferral of this year's registration to next year's edition on May 29, 2021 (decision deadline of May 16, 2020). No cost.
          3. Refund of 70% of the original entry contribution (decision deadline of May 16, 2020).
     Because of the uncertainty that still exists, we are extending the deadline for making a decision until June 15th. Please email us to express your choice. If you have already emailed us, you do not need to send another email. In case we do not receive any email from you, we will assume you will compete in the race on September 19th.
     Right now, we're busy planning for this event, and we hope, like you, that by September it will be safe and travel restrictions will be lifted. In case it's not possible, we will again offer a deferral to 2021 (no cost), or a 70% refund of the entry contribution. So you don't have to worry!
     In case you know someone who would like to run in September, but has not already entered, we can announce that the online entry system will open again on June 1st.
     We extend our best wishes to you all during this difficult time, and - of course - if you have any questions, please just send us a message.

     10.04.2020 - We've had lots of messages and emails from hopeful new entrants, asking about the September race, so we can announce today that the entry system will re-open on June 1st.

     16.03.2020 - With great regret, we must inform you that due to the current situation regarding the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic, the seventh edition of the Transylvania 100 races will be postponed to September 19, 2020.
     Today, March 16, the Romanian Government has declared a state of emergency and also took a series of measures that include restrictions on the staging of events, as well as isolation of people for a period of 14 days coming from countries with at least 500 cases of coronavirus.
     These measures and uncertainties related to the evolution of the Covid-19 pandemic make it impossible to organize the Transylvania 100 competition, on the initially planned date of May 16, 2020. As you can imagine, we have monitored the situation 24/7 since the outbreak in Europe, hoping that the contest will be possible in its initial form.
     Despite applying we have not received the Public Health Directorate approval and the restrictions taken by the Romanian Government as well as those at the global level are becoming more drastic with each passing day.
     As race organizers, we have a duty to protect the health and well-being of our competitors, as well as a need to respect the well-being of local residents.
     We hope you understand that Transylvania 100 is an event attended by competitors from over 50 countries around the world, so another reason for announcing a postponement two months in advance of race day is to give competitors a fair chance to rearrange their reservations and hotel accommodations where possible.
     Going forward, we can offer competitors one of the following three options:
     1. Keeping the registration for the postponed event on September 19, 2020. No cost.
     2. The deferral of this year's registration to next year's edition on May 29, 2021 (decision deadline of May 16, 2020). No cost.
     3. Refund of 70% of the original entry contribution (decision deadline of May 16, 2020).
     The procedure for deferring or refunding the registration will be sent by email to each of the participants as soon as possible.
     Finally, we are truly sorry that we have to postpone the date of the race, but we hope you realize that we had no choice. Also, we apologize for the competitions over which we will overlap.
     Thank you for understanding all those involved in the Transylvania 100 event on this difficult decision. This is a serious public health problem globally and we believe that the decisions taken guarantee greater safety.

     07.03.2020 - ref: Coronavirus.  The Transylvania 100 Organising Team is closely monitoring the situation, but at this stage all events are scheduled to go ahead as planned. Of course, we realise this is an ever-changing situation, so in the meantime we would urge competitors to check their travel insurance policy, and also to regularly monitor their own country's official travel advice. In the event of any change by us to the current schedule, we will, of course, inform all competitors directly via email.

     01.03.2020 - Great news from our partners SportHG, we have managed to extend the technical t-shirt deadline until March 10th 2020, so if you haven't registered yet on our website you can still register and receive your t-shirt in the participation kit. 10 days left so don't miss it again!

     29.02.2020 - LATEST NEWS - in the last couple of days we have received a lot of requests about our entry limits so we have decided to open a few more places in each race distance, so everybody can get the chance to take part in our Transylvanian races, but be quick because they are going at record speed this year!

     12.02.2020 - 3 months to go until race weekend and it seems that once again we'll have a fully booked edition, nearly 90% of the places are now booked.

     30.01.2020 - Three months and a half left until race weekend and soon we'll reach this year's edition entry limits, only 300 places left for all the five races with the 100k and 50k nearly fully booked. Also keep in mind, if you want to receive the technical SportHG t-shirt in your start kit you have one month left to register!

     04.01.2020 - 4 months left into open registrations and 70% of the seventh edition places are already booked! Also keep in mind, if you want to receive the technical SportHG t-shirt in your start kit you have to register before March 1st, so save the date!

     10.12.2019 - Over 50% of the places are now booked for the 7th edition of the Transylvania 100 races.

     03.11.2019 - Only two months into registrations and 40% of the places are already booked for the next year's edition of our mountain races.

     01.09.2019 - Entries for the seventh edition of the Transylvania 100 races, on May 16th 2020, are now live! Sign up now to book your starting place in one of our five race distances – 20k, 30k, 50k, 80k and 100k. 

     20.08.2019 - Our 2020 routes have been approved by the International Trail Running Association (ITRA) you can check it at the following link.
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