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     WELCOME to the Transylvania 100! Now looking forward to our ninth edition, these are mountain ultras which cross one of the most beautiful and mysterious regions of Eastern Europe. On May 25th 2024, runners will again assemble on a start-line beneath Dracula's Castle in the village of Bran, ready for an adventure through the alpine-like scenery of rural Transylvania.

     Twisting single track, ancient forest trails, mountain plateaus and windswept ridges will link together in grand, single-lap traverses of the Bucegi Range, climbing and descending many thousands of meters before finishing back at the Bran Castle.

     Entries, which are now open, are available to solo runners, with prizes in all categories. All runners who finish inside the time limits will be awarded a special race memento.  


       2.1 START MAP
       2.2 HOW DO WE GET THERE?

       3.5 COURSE CHANGE
       3.7 CATEGORIES
       3.8 ENTRY LIMITS
       3.9 ELITE RUNNERS



       6.1 PLACES TO VISIT
       6.2 WHERE CAN WE STAY?


   Sunday October 1st 2023
     - entries open
   Friday May 24th 2024
     - entries will be closed

  Friday May 24th 2024 - 16:00-22:00 (Sports Hall)
     - registration for all race distances
     - info point
     - sponsors and partners expo
  Saturday May 25th 2024 (Bran Castle)
     - 05:00 start Transylvania 100k  & Transylvania 80k
     - 07:00 start Transylvania 50k
     - 09:00 start Transylvania 30k
     - 09:15-10:00 Transylvania 20k, assemble for transport to start (next to the Bran Castle's main entry)
     - 09:30-10:00 buses departure to Moieciu de Sus
     - 10:00 the last bus departure to Moieciu de Sus
     - 11:00 start Transylvania 20k (start Moieciu de Sus - Valea Bangaleasa - end of the asphalt, next to Hotel Mistral)
     - 12:30 arrival of the first runners
  Sunday May 26th 2024 (Bran Castle)
     - 12:00 finish of the last runners
     - 13:00 prize giving ceremony



   Bran village (30 km south-west of Brasov, 150 km north-west of Bucharest)
   Start/ Finish - Bran Castle
   Start Transylvania 20k (Moieciu de Sus - Valea Bangaleasa)
   Registration - Sports Hall, Bran (see map)


   The registration will be held on Friday, May 24th 2024, at the Sports Hall,
which is located 5 minutes walk from the Bran Castle.
   All races (30k; 50k; 80k and 100k), except 20k, will start from the Bran
Castle, on Saturday, May 25th 2024.
   20k start will be at Moieciu de Sus, in front of Mistral Resort, route buses
will be provided by the organizers.


   NEW - Ghimbav (Brasov) International Airport is now open, located just 30 km

from Bran - journey time approx. 30 mins by car. 


   Romania's main international airport, Otopeni, is in a north suburb of
Bucharest (so you do not need to drive through the city to reach us in Bran),
and is served by all international airlines, plus budget carriers such as the
excellent WizzAir, Blue Air and German Wings.
   Otopeni International hosts all the international rental car companies (eg
Budget, Avis,Europcar etc). Rates are very good value, and cars are of good

   There are several airport transfer to Brasov ranging from 15-20 EUR - one way per person: 
   Brasov (30km from Bran) can be reached by overnight train from the Hungarian capital Budapest or by hourly train from Bucharest. 

   Another option is to use the new company Flixbus, which offers high-quality coach travel from over 100 destinations across Europe to the city of Brasov, from where it's a short bus or taxi ride to Bran.

   For travellers arriving at Otopeni who wish to travel by train, there is a 20-minute bus connection from the airport to Gara de Nord Bucharest, and then regular trains to Brasov (approx. 3 hours). On arrival at Brasov, it's either a taxi ride to Bran, or a bus ride Autogara 2 bus station (50 mins) - Str. Aurel Vlaicu; information at tel: 0268426332. It's an hourly bus and sometimes even every half an hour during the week (11:00-17:00). Contact us for more details. 



  Entries are completed by filling in the online entry form in the Registration section of the website, with competitors being responsible for the correctness of the data provided. Please note that in order to have your result synced with ITRA and UTMB the details filled in our entry form must coincide with the details on your ITRA and UTMB profile.

  Entries will be confirmed after payment of the contribution online by credit/ debit card and will be validated after checking the previous competition experience. Your name will appear on the entry lists only after the entry payment is processed (in some cases it can take up to 2-3 working days to be processed, if you are having problems with the payment please contact us at

  Entries are conditional, for each race, on previous race experience, as follows:
     - for 100k - have completed a minimum 60 kilometers trail run with at least 2000 meters elevation gain;
     - for 80k - have completed a minimum 40 kilometers trail run with at least 1000 meters elevation gain;
     - for 50k and 30k - have completed a minimum 20 kilometers trail run with at least 500 meters elevation gain;
     - for 20k - experience is not required.

  NOTE: Road running (asphalt) events will not be taking into consideration as previous trail running experience. We also accept training links from your personal Garmin, Strava account or any other similar applications.

  Those who do not qualify due to their previous competition experience will be refunded the registration contribution minus 10 euro or they'll be transferred to a shorter race after they'll be contacted via email.


     - printed technical SportHG race t-shirt with the race logo (only for the confirmed, paid entries until May 15th 2024);
     - printed technical SportHG race neckwarmers with the race logo (for entries after May 15th 2024);
     - race memento for all finishers within time limits;
     - printed race map & resealable bag;
     - race number with CHIP;
     - Bucegi National Park tax;
     - Salvamont (Mountain Rescue Team) assistance;
     - Ambulance assistance;
     - transport of drop-bag (personal choice of food/ drink- 1.5 kg  maximum) taken to half way point - for 100k and 80k only;
     - main feed stations with food/ drink, including hot soup/ pizza;
     - minor aid stations with snacks/ drink;
     - hot drink (coffee, tea) at aid stations;
     - pizza/ snacks at the finish line;
     - marked course (combination of event markers and existing trail markings);
     - reflective tape and flashing lights for night sections;
     - GPS tracks;
     - live timing;
     - online ranking;
     - repatriation (to Start/ Finish);
     - marshalling and First Aid checkpoints along all five routes;
     - prizes in all categories (first three places);
     - trophy and free entry for the next Transylvania 100 event for all category winners;
     - ITRA points - 5 points/ 100k; 4 points/ 80k; 3 points/ 50k; 2 points/ 30k; 1 point/ 20k.

   NOTE - Due to logistical order deadlines, entries received after May 15th 2024 will NOT receive a SportHG technical t-shirt -  these will be replaced with technical SportHG neckwarmers. Also, the t-shirt size received in the participation kit can differ from the one selected in the entry form.


   Solo:  100k - 110 eur
              80k - 105 eur 
              50k - 80 eur 
              30k - 70 eur 
              20k- 65 eur


  Any cancellation of a registration must be made in writing by email to from the same email address filled in the entry form. No withdrawal is registered by telephone. The refund of the contribution paid at registration will be made to the bank account associated to the payment card used at the time of registering, under the following conditions:
     - 70% refund of the contribution paid at registration will be made only before March 1st 2024, 24:00 hrs;
     - no refunds of the contribution paid at registration will be made after March 1st 2024, 24:00 hrs.

   The deferral of a registration can be made only before March 1st 2024, 24:00 hrs by email to and only for the next year's event of Transylvania 100.

   For the remaining registrations made at one of the editions of 2020 or 2021, the confirmation or deferral can be done until March 1st, 2024. Also, the 70% refund of the contribution paid at registration will be made until March 1st, 2024.


   The entry transfer to someone else can be made in writing by email to from the same email address filled in the entry form. No entry transfer can be made by telephone. The interested person will have to fill their details in the entry form on our website without the payment process and will get the confirmation after paying a contribution of 5 euro (a payment link will be sent via email).
   The entry transfer can be made only before entries closure, on May 15th 2024. After that date, the entry transfer is no longer possible.

   NOTE: If the entry transfer is made after April 1st 2024 the competitor will receive the type and t-shirt size filled in the entry form by the initial entrant.


   Competitors, who for various reasons want to change the race distance, can do it in writing by email to from the same email address filled in the entry form - free of charge for switching to a shorter race or by paying the entry contribution difference for switching to a longer race (a payment link will be sent via email). No course change can be made by telephone.

   The course change to a longer/ shorter race can be made before entries closure, on May 15th 2024.
   The course change to a shorter race can be made during the race, after a race marshal has been notified, at one of the checkpoints, as follows:
        - from 100k to 80k - change at CP Pestera;
        - from 100k/ 80k to 50k - change at CP Pestera;
        - from 100k/ 80k/ 50k to 30k – change at Hornul Mare.
   The course change to a longer race can NOT be made during the race due to the safety aspects involved such as the mandatory equipment and the compulsory previous competition experience and can get you a disqualification.

   NOTE: Those who opt to change during the race will not be eligible for the podium, but they will receive the ITRA points of the race completed.


   The participation kit (number, t-shirt, etc) must be collected by the registered competitor at the registration on the schedule presented in the INFO - SCHEDULE section of this website. The participation kit can be collected only by presenting an ID card.
   In case the registered competitor can not participate in the event and without canceling the registration, the registered competitor may authorize someone else to collect  the participation kit by presenting an ID copy or photo of the registered competitor.

   NOTE: If someone else collects your participation kit, the race number with CHIP will be removed from the kit.

   The organizers are unable to send the participation kit to competitors that don't show up at the registration, or nominate a representative.


   100k - individual male/ female - senior (18-39 years), veteran (40+ years)
   80k - individual male/ female - senior (18-39 years), veteran (40+ years)
   50k - individual male/ female - senior (18-39 years), veteran (40+ years)
   30k - individual male/ female - senior (18-39 years), veteran (40+ years)
   20k - individual male/ female - senior (18-39 years), veteran (40+ years)


   100k - 500 competitors
   80k - 300 competitors
   50k - 700 competitors
   30k - 500 competitors
   20k - 400 competiors


   In regard of justified recognition for athletes of a high calibre and for fair management of registration, we reserve places for elite athletes, who request a place, according to precise criteria based on their general ITRA performance index data. All registration requests must be sent by email to before entries closure on May 15th 2024.

   Elite runners entries are not transferable to other runners that don't meet the criteria below.

   Free registration for athletes with over:
     - MEN -  800 ITRA general performance index;
     - FEMALE - 670 ITRA general performance index.


   All our races will be won by the competitors who earn the lowest time at the end of the race, added the appropriate penalties, if any. Only the competitors who pass through all the check points within the stipulated cut-off times shall be classified.
   Prizes in all our races for the first three places in each category will be given to the winners only by presenting an ID card at the prize-giving ceremony. The presence of the winners is mandatory at the prize-giving ceremony.

   The organizers reserve the right to not send the prizes via courier/ post for the winners that don't show up at the prize-giving ceremony.

   Competitors who are part of the legal professions of magistrates (prosecutors, judges) ranked in the first 3 places in an awards category will be awarded only with a diploma and a cup, regardless of whether that category also has prizes. They will have to announce this at the prize-giving ceremony before the awards ceremony. 


   All registered competitors must present themselves at race registration with their ID card in order to pass the registration. On race day they'll have to carry all the mandatory equipment (see list below).

  Equipment required for ALL RACES:
     - race number with CHIP (provided at registration);
     - printed race map & resealable bag (provided at registration);
     - compass (watch or mobile phone compass are accepted too);
     - footwear suitable for high-level mountain running (road-running shoes are not acceptable);
     - headtorch (not applicable for 20k);
     - a personal cup (min. 150 ml) for liquids at checkpoints (no disposable cups at checkpoints are provided);
     - water reservoir with a minimum capacity of 0.7 litre;
     - rucksack/ backpack/ vest/ belt (with fully waterproof liner or with rain cover recommended);
     - foil survival bag (recommended) or foil survival blanket;
     - waterproof jacket with hood (with taped seams recommended);
     - long-sleeved warm top (cotton excluded);
     - long legged trousers or race leggins or a combination of shorts and compression calf gaiters which covers the legs completely;
     - hat or neckwarmer or cap (warm and waterproof hat strongly recommended);
     - gloves (waterproof strongly recommended);
     - mobile phone, fully charged at start time;
     - first aid kit (crepe-sling bandage, wound bandage, 4 x adhesive plasters, 4 x safety pins);
     - emergency food - 800 kcal (4 gels or energizing bars);
                                     - 400 kcal for 30k and 20k;
     - 100 RON – Romanian currency (does not apply for 20k).

   Additionally, only for competitors from 80k and 100k, mandatory equipment will also include:
     - GPS device, watch or mobile phone with GPS app with battery life or re-charge pack suitable for likely event duration;
     - additional headtorch batteries;
     - waterproof over-trousers (with taped seams recommended);

   NOTE: The organisers recommend competitors bring other types of clothing/ equipment, which may be useful if weather conditions on the day of the race require it, because snowfall in in the Bucegi Mountains in May is not uncommon and temperatures may fall well below zero degrees Celsius. At this time of the year, sections of snow and ice can also be encountered, which is why we recommend snowspikes and/ or poles (at the informal pre-race briefings, which are not mandatory, information about the weather forecast and the status of the route will be provided, this information will also be sent to all competitors by email). GPS device or watch with battery life or re-charge pack is highly recommended for 50k, 30k and 20k too.

   All competitors must carry at all times the mandatory equipment during the race, otherwise risking penalties or disqualification (see list below). Kit checks will be made throughout the race, from start to finish.



   IMPORTANT - all our races have cut-off times, after which competitors will not be allowed to continue along the original race course, or will be diverted to a shorter race distance (where appropriate). Competitors must LEAVE a checkpoint within the cut-off time. Cut-offs are enforced for the safety of  both competitors AND our officials/ volunteers on the mountain, and have been calculated based on the results of our previous editions. Please respect the decision of our race officials. Any competitor who continues against official advice will be doing so under their own responsibility. We reserve the right to extend cut-off times in the event of extreme weather - this information will be given at the race-start or at checkpoints along the race route.

  100k  - CP Malaiesti –  09:00
             - CP Pestera -  12:00
             - CP Omu II –  15:30
             - CP Busteni –  18:00
             - CP Piatra Arsa – 21:30
             - CP Bolboci –  24:00
             - CP Moieciu de Sus –  07:00

  80k  - CP Malaiesti –  09:00
           - CP Pestera -  12:00
           - CP Piatra Arsa – 14:30
           - CP Bolboci –  17:00
           - CP Moieciu de Sus –  23:00

  50k  - CP Malaiesti –  11:00
           - Hornul Mare - 12:30
           - CP Pestera –  15:30

  30k  - CP Malaiesti –  13:00

  20k  - CP Gutanu –  15:00


   This will be offered by the organizers to all checkpoints with vehicle access (Busteni, Piatra Arsa, Bolboci, Pestera, Moieciu de Sus) at the closure of the checkpoint, unless in the event of medical emergency, when the repatriation will be made as soon as possible.


   Places where the supporters can see the athletes:
     - by car at Busteni, Piatra Arsa, Bolboci, Pestera, Moieciu de Sus for 100k and 80k, Pestera for 50k
     - by cable car from Busteni: Babele, Pestera for 100k & 80k, Pestera for 50k
     - easy hiking, 1.5 hrs – Malaiesti, Poiana Gaura
     - supporters can find accommodation at different places on the routes – Cabana Malaiesti, Cabana Omu, Pestera, Padina, Cabana Bolboci;
     - for more details contact us at:


   Brasov -
   Rasnov Fortress
   Zarnesti - bear sanctuary -
   Sinaia - Peles Castle -
   Busteni - Cantacuzino Castle -
   Piatra Craiului Range


   Bran has a wide selection of hotel and bed-and-breakfast accommodation, ranging from just 15 euros per night per person. All offer good-value, clean and well-located accommodation near the registration and start/ finish area. Most have websites, and will be happy to answer any email enquiries. 

   For more options, just Google 'Bran Romania accommodation', there are lots of choices!



   For those who would like to become volunteers for the Transylvania 100, please fill the volunteer form below or email us to: with the title "Volunteer" and you'll be contacted as soon as possible.

   During the event we provide accommodation (one or two nights if needed), transport during the race, the technical SportHG race t-shirt or the technical SportHG neckwarmer and 50 RON/ day for food.

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Thanks for submitting! Looking forward to seeing you at Transylvania 100!

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