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   The Transylvania 100 races are organised by the sporting body Asociatia Transilvania 100, working with the three co-organisers - Andy Heading from the UK, Marius and Vlad Cornea from Romania who propose a set of five races to meet those who want to combine the pleasure of traveling with their favorite sport.

   Andy Heading has competed in a wide range of running and cycling ultra-distance races, including the prestigious Grand Raid Reunion, Yukon Arctic Ultra, Iditasport Impossible, Grand Canyon Rim2Rim2Rim and many others. 

   Father and son, Marius and Vlad Cornea, are experienced Transylvanian runners and hikers, and have lived in the Bran region all their lives. They have extensive knowledge of the trail network in the Bucegi Mountains.
   You can contact the organising team by email to We welcome your questions and comments, and look forward to seeing you on the start-line next May! You can read more, and exchange info with other competitors, on our Facebook page.

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