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   Entries are completed by filling in the online entry form in the Registration section of the website, with competitors being responsible for the correctness of the data provided. Please note that in order to have your result synced with ITRA the details filled in our entry form must coincide with the details on your ITRA profile.

   Entries will be confirmed after payment of the contribution online by credit/ debit card and will be validated after checking the previous competition experience. Your name will appear on the entry lists only after the entry payment is processed (in some cases it can take up to 2-3 working days to be processed, if you are having problems with the payment please contact us at

   Entries are conditional, for each race, on previous race experience, as follows:
     - for 100k - have completed a minimum 60 km trail running race;
     - for 80k - have completed a minimum 40 km trail running race;
     - for 50k and 30k - have completed a minimum 20 km trail running race;
     - for 20k - experience is not required.

   NOTE: Road running (asphalt) events will not be taking into consideration as previous competition experience. Due to the current situation regarding the new coronavirus, we also accept training links from your personal Garmin, Strava account or any other similar applications.

   Those who do not qualify due to their previous competition experience will be refunded the registration contribution minus 10 euro or they'll be transferred to a shorter race after they'll be contacted via email.


Men        S                      M                    L                    XL                    XXL
  A        61cm               65cm             69cm             71cm                73cm
  B     83/90cm      90/103cm    103/113cm    113/123cm     123/128cm

Women   XS                     S                    M                     L                    XL
  A          55cm               59cm             63cm              65cm             69cm
  B       79/84cm       84/88cm      88/92cm      93/100cm     100/104cm

   NOTE - Due to logistical reasons, after March 1st 2023 the SportHG technical t-shirts are no longer available and these will be replaced with neckwarmers.



   Solo:  100k - 110 eur
              80k - 105 eur
              50k - 80 eur
              30k - 70 eur
              20k- 65 eur


   100k - individual male/ female - senior (18-39 years), veteran (40+)
   80k - individual male/ female - senior (18-39 years), veteran (40+)
   50k - individual male/ female - senior (18-39 years), veteran (40+)
   30k - individual male/ female - senior (18-39 years), veteran (40+)
   20k - individual male/ female - senior (18-39 years), veteran (40+)

   100k - 500 competitors
   80k - 300 competitors
   50k - 700 competitors
   30k - 500 competitors
   20k - 400 competitors

   Please check the t-shirt size guide before selecting it in the registration form.
  Please fill in the entry form your name in lower case and your family name in upper case.
   For those without mountain-running experience (20k only), write “None”. They'll be asked to answer a few questions by email.

  Competitors, who for various reasons want to change the race distance, can do it in writing by email to from the same email address filled in the entry form after paying the entry contribution difference for switching to a longer race (a payment link will be sent via email) or free of charge for switching to a shorter race. No course change can be made by telephone.

   Now you can order via the registration form:
     - race metal key ring
     - SportHG long sleeve technical race shirt
     - extra SportHG technical race t-shirt
     - SportHG race neckwarmer
     - Ndure printed logo collapsible race cup (200ml) 

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